Discover Naghma

Based in Amsterdam and Lahore, Naghma is a fashion studio that weaves together the essence of haute couture and the art of traditional craftsmanship. We incorporate iconic designs & artistic heritage to create modern and functional clutches.
Amsterdam & Lahore.

 Naghma is deeply rooted in two worlds. Inspired by unfading designs, Naghma unites the European principles of luxury with the artistry of Pakistani craftsmen.

Our brand amplifies the talents from Netherlands and Pakistan and shares what brings us together. 


Naghma Luxurious Quality 

All our products are designed in Amsterdam and individually crafted in Lahore, using locally-sourced raw materials. Following the example of the greatest European ateliers, each Naghma piece is unique and handmade upon order by the most talented artisans.

We believe in slow fashion, ensuring high quality of products, guaranteeing fair treatment of our artisans and establishing transparency with our customers.


Naghma Modern Design

 The Naghma Design Team is composed of individuals from across the board; fashion, product design, fine arts. Our unconventional designs originate from visual arts, literature and architecture that have stood the test of time. 

We work with industry leaders and fashion influencers to continually push the boundaries. Behind each Naghma clutch are hours of careful consideration and meticulous creation around the lives of modern women.